Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yet another browser - Google Chrome

Yes! Google has announced its browser on 3rd of September. It has nice look and feel and using maximum screen resolution. And rendering seems to be very similar to the Safari browser. Its javascript rendering is very fast. Have you experienced this all?

Yes! the browser war started.

Now the challenge for the html / css developers. Because Internet Explorer has the monopoly in this market share. Now a lot of browsers. For Internet Explorer, they have 3 important browsers after IE8 is introduced. So the HTML / CSS developers has to check their htmls in 7 browsers

1. Internet Explorer 7
2. Internet Explorer 6
3. Internet Explorer 8
4. Firefox 2 (win & mac)
5. Firefox 3 (win & mac)
6. Safari (win & mac)
7. Google Chrome

Lets see how the HTML / CSS guys are managing with this.

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