Sunday, April 22, 2007

wrap text around image in css

A nice idea to wrap the paragraph around the image

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

think nicely as zen garden does

Just now I got the idea about this template. I worried about this type of template before.. But Now found the solution. see the backgrounds in this page.. How they nicely done this. thanks zen garden.

The background images are coming from both side to center. position to the main container is relative and background images are absolute to main container. Nice idea.

Using Background-Image to Replace Text css

Today i have read one artilce about using background image to replace text in css.. But they are using two elements for achieving this. You can find the article here

However we have a better solution like this?

Suppose we have h1 element.

we will put the backgound image for h1 element in the style sheet
and text-indent -9999px in the style.

#header h1 a {
background:transparent url(images/logo.gif) no-repeat scroll left center;

cant we do like this?